According to a news report by Egypt Independent, Zahi Hawass is writing Zahi Hawass Writes About Ancient Egypt, a new encyclopaedia set to be published next year. Yes, you read that right, for the third time in this article.

The first edition of the encyclopaedia will be published in collaboration with the Egyptian-Russian Foundation for Culture and Science in time for the next Cairo International Book Fair in January.

It is set to document over half a century of the former minister of Antiquities' works and discoveries, showcasing the many secrets of Egypt’s ancient civilisation. It will be available in Arabic, English, and Russian.

Zahi Hawass has long been a controversial figure in the Egyptian archaeological community. By some, he is regarded as one of Egypt's finest native Egyptologists who was successful in breaking through in a field long dominated by foreigners. However, his critics accuse him of being an overly self-important ostentatious grand-stander, who makes his books and documentaries more about himself than the intended subject. In light of his up-and-coming book, we'll let you be the judge of that.

Photo: Ahmed Najeeb/CairoZoom