If you've visited our events page, then you probably know that we're constantly looking for the most exciting events to inform you of. Except sometimes certain events don't quite make the cut. Here are 5 of the most absurd events we've come across of. 

Course El Shefa2 Min Al-Manyaka 


Can You Say? We Are One? 2

This event seems to have a lot of questions we don’t have the answers to. Can you say? We are one? And apparently this is part two, so we’re a little bit late to the game. 

NoMiRe Aliens Concert 

At some point we all believed in that conspiracy theory about aliens building the pyramids but we never expected that those same aliens would be musically gifted and creating Facebook events for their gigs. 

B7bak- Yawmeyat Mozaz 

Why haven’t we been invited to this event? 



Feelings. Can we not? Can you host? We don't get it, but we're down. 

Course Al Shefa2 Min 7ob Fe Al-Askandereya 

And here we come full circle to the event that inspired the parody that is Course Al Shefa2 Min Al-Ma**aka and eventually inspiring us to create this list. We've all fallen in love with an Alexandrian at some point. And if you haven't, then what have you been doing with your life? Either way, here's a course to avoid the heartbreak and seafood dinner dates.