Egyptian cinema has seen its fair share of genre-defying films over the years. From Ahmed El Sakka playing Mansour (who has to deal with drug lords) in the action-thriller El Gezeira (The Island) to Ahmed El Sakka playing Yossef (a drug dealer in Turkey) in the aptly named El DealerOne common merit that stands out in these cinematic gems seems to be, you guessed it... Ahmed El Sakka whose latest artistic endeavour is playing the nation’s leader Abdel Fattah El Sisi in a movie titled Ayam El Ghadab w El Thawra (Days of Anger and Revolution) - screening soon in a West Delta bus near you.

According to FilFan, the movie which will see Egyptian mega-stars Adel Imam and Mohamed Ramadan also co-star, will be centred around the events the country has gone through in recent years, from the January 25th Revolution to June 30th. And everything in between apparently.

Ayam El Ghadab w El Thawra seems like a massive production as FilFan reports on the sheer star power this flick will host, as well as the “real tank scenes” being filmed in Sakkara currently.