An attempt to smuggle more than 25 million Tramadol pills was thwarted by Egyptian security forces on the western border of Port Said, according to Egypt Independent. The pills were spread out in 677 boxes and were seized immediately.

The suspects – aged 35 and 36, who had been closely monitored by the Anti-Narcotics General Administration, are identified as a gang of two Arab men based outside of Egypt. Previous attempts to smuggle the painkillers into other Arab countries were carried out before the pair decided on Egypt. 

Upon searching the residence of one of the suspects, authorities found cash amounting to EGP 150,360, an extra 100 Tramadol pills, and EGP 379,000 in other currencies.

After his arrest, one of the suspects admitted to carrying out the crime with his partner, and both have since been referred to prosecution. Legal measures and investigations are ongoing.

This is not the first time an attempt to smuggle Tramadol into Egypt has been carried out, and then foiled by authorities. The Port Said border has also been previously used as a route for smuggling the drug.