Head of the Local Administration Committee in Egypt’s Parliament Ahmed El Segini wants an investigation to be conducted into the Egyptian Football Federation’s involvement in Egypt’s harsh defeat against Russia, according to Egypt Independent.

"Teams might win or lose in sports; however, undermining the Egyptian team’s preparations and training sessions is an issue that calls for launching an investigation in order to clarify the facts,” Siginy said. 

He wants the Chairman of the Committee of Youth and Sports Farag Amer and the members of the committee to hold a meeting, stating that, “in any case, I call on the current football union as well as members of the technical staff and the administrative affairs staff of the team to resign and leave their positions for those who can shoulder the responsibility." Which is essentially a proper way of saying, “you all failed, it’s your fault, now resign and let some more qualified people take over”. Also, he is not exactly being precise in his critique; he wants ALL members to resign? Surely, they can’t all be to blame?

Egypt had a World Cup to forget, losing to Uruguay in the opening game, before being beaten by hosts Russia 3-1. Saudi Arabia’s loss to Uruguay all but confirmed Egypt’s disqualification from the tournament. All that’s left is a consolation game against the Saudis. Bring on 2022.

Main Image from Goal.com