Every year the Global Firepower Index (GFI) releases a list ranking the world's most powerful militaries. The GFI's criteria are extensive and are based on more than 50 factors - including each country's military budget, manpower, and the amount of equipment each country has in its respective arsenal, as well as its natural resources.

Based on multiple factors the GFI has listed Egypt as the 12th most powerful military in the world, despite only having a $4.4 bn budget compared to the US’s (who are in first place, there’s a shocker) $581 bn budget. Egypt makes up for its lack of funds with a whopping 1,270,000 in military personnel, we’ve also got quite a lot of tanks compared to more than half the countries on the list, around 4,624. Egypt was number one in the MENA region, followed by Israel which came in 16th place.

The index’s analysis is flawed in several ways, though, reports Business Insider, explaining that while the GFI relies heavily on quantity in their index i.e. the more tanks you have the better, they do neglect to take major qualitative data into account. For example. North Korea (ranked 25th) has the second highest amount of submarines after the US, however, they are in terrible condition and wouldn’t last too long against as few as 10 American or Russian ones. Furthermore, the index does not take into consideration nuclear stockpiles, which as we all know would be the deciding factor in a lot of wars.

Check out the top 25 below:

Photo credits: Business Insider.