World Food Day is on the 16th of October. So what exactly does one do on World Food Day? We eat every day, at least those of us who are lucky enough. And we Instagram food shots all the time. So what will be different this World Food Day? The Courtyard in Maadi ingeniously comes up with the perfect idea. You know, the kind when a lightbulb flashes right over your head.

Get this, for every single person who posts a food shot between 11th - 16th October - whether it's your mama's ma7shy, your epic sushi platter at your favourite spot or even the sandwich you order to your office - and uses the hashtags #Etfadal and #WorldFoodDay, the Courtyard will donate a full meal to Egypt’s Food Bank, so that those who are not so lucky as to have food every day, can have it.

The food shot can be of any food, anywhere, not necessarily at The Courtyard. So go crazy with Instagram this week and let’s fill up Egypt’s Food Bank celebrating the awesomeness of food with everyone.