Iftar and Sohour @ Rawi Restaurant
  • category:
  • date:
    From: 17/05/2018 - To: 14/06/2018
  • time:
    6:00pm - 5:00am
  • place:
    Sheraton Cairo Hotel & Casino
  • address:
    Galaa Square Gizeh
  • phone:
    02 33369800
  • description:

    Rawi Restaurant is doing us all a favour and hosting both Sohour and Iftar for those of us too busy or too lazy to cook. For Iftar enjoy their set menu while their oriental Takhat band performs during Iftar with house music for the after iftar party.

    Sohour is another issue entirely, let Rawi take the cooking and the decisions off your hands with their set menu or let loose on the buffet. Lounge Music followed by a live oriental band while be serenading you as you get ready for another day of Ramadan.