My Favourite Things 3 @ Mashrabia Gallery
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  • date:
    From: 24/06/2018 - To: 19/07/2018
  • time:
    11:00am - 8:00pm
  • place:
    Mashrabia Art Gallery
  • address:
    8 Champollion St.
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    There's always a million more uses than you can think of, and that's exactly Mashrabia Gallery's Rags to Riches project showed us with the innovative upcycled creations featured at My Favourite Things 1 and 2. Now it's back with its third installment and features Kamila Bassioni, Rania Atef and Afrodite W. Elseesy and Malika Hassan, with even more discarded and recycled materials transformed into works of art.  This Exhibition is an attempt to highlight those who recycle and re-use discarded materials to promote continued interest in this kind of art and recycling in general. Don't resist the temptation and go take a peek.