The Fourth Pyramid Belongs To Her @ Darb 1718
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    From: 08/08/2018 - To: 14/08/2018
  • time:
    10:00am - 10:00pm
  • place:
    Darb 1718
  • address:
    Kasr El Sham' St., Behind the Hanging Church, Next to Amr Mosque & Mary Girgis Metro Station, El Fustat
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    In her unique new exhibition at Darb 1718, The Fourth Pyramid Belongs To Her, Egyptian artist, Sara Sallam, explores the relationship between personal and collective mourning by drawing analogies between the experience of losing her grandmother, with historical, touristic and archaeological perceptions of death that surrounded her growing up in Egypt. Sallam does this by utilising various visual and textual materials, including excerpts from ancient letters and spells, imagery from colonial publications, stills from Egyptian films, collaged portraits of her grandmother and more.