Sailing Flotilla IIII @ Abu Tig Marina
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  • date:
    From: 30/03/2017 - To: 02/04/2017
  • time:
    6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • place:
    Abu Tig Marina
  • address:
    Red Sea
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    Skip this one if you suffer from sea sickness, but if you're able to keep your lunch down while you're on board, or so happen to have been a pirate, sailing on a boat sounds like the perfect weekend getaway! This voyage will be shipping you off from El Gouna on a tour of the Red Sea reefs around Hurghada, where you can have lunch with the colourful fishies of Sinai, dinner under the stars, and make new friends. Or possibly fall in love? Sea sickness or not, suck it up and start packing. Fees are 5,500 LE. For more details check it here.