#D-CAF: "Mother, Loosen My Tongue" Exhibition
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    From: 23/03/2017 - To: 05/04/2017
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    5:00pm - 9:00pm
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    Various Venues
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    A particular "accident" changed the political discourse of Turkey, and UK artists Noor Afshan Mirza and Brad Butler will be taking up residence at an apartment in 29 Hoda Shaarawi's first floor to stage crime scenes and investigations behind said "accident". The exhibition "Mother, Loosen My Tongue" which involves a video piece of a protester using movement to exorcise internalized authoritative voice, retaining the body to resist capitalism. Independent writers could check out Saout & Sura in the next apartment, which hosts an emerging critics platform that collaboratively responds to the practices that shape the field of the contemporary art scene today. All free of charge! You'd be a fool to miss out. If you are interested to get involved, email saout-sura@d-caf.org.