Year after year, Egyptians maintained their position as merely spectators and consumers of worldwide fashion products and styles. Some Egyptians, however, decided to end Egypt's little to no contribution to the ever-growing industry and embarked on their journeys to carve names for themselves in the creative scene and respond to the increasingly growing demand of the now-booming market in Egypt. A just-launched bizarrely dazzling new collaborative shoot, which is the second edition of an on-going series, features distinct local high-end couture and accessory brands in a combined effort to put Egypt on the world's fashion and glamour map.

Exceptional local designers, like Norine Farah, Rafik Zaki, Vivian Moawad, Sadafa, Reem Jano, Hayden & Co., Suki Designs, VNTG Sunglasses and Salem Alta Moda, have combined their exquisite creations and dressed super model Anicee Gohar, showing her taking refuge in an empty supermarket after she escapes a fancy party, with her extravagantly lavish outfits sharply contrasting, yet very aesthetically pleasing, with the backdrop of the supermarket.

The ongoing series was launched by fashion-specialised PR agency Flare, which launched in 2016 to form a much-needed bridge between up and coming local talents with the international fashion, styling, and media scenes.

Check out the shoot: 

Photography: Hady Ashraf & Marwan Morsy
Model: Anicee Gohar
MUA: Haya 
Hair: Amr Altmash