As the mercury drops, no item in our wardrobe gets as much mileage – or gets seen by more eyes than our winter coat. But there’s nothing worse than when it doesn’t fit your shape, we tend to look frumpy instead of polished. ByC, is an Egyptian brand offering no-fuss woolly ponchos and timeless coats, and capes that add extra oomph to any already-great outfit.

“My grandmother is still always on her sewing machine and when I was young, I’d make my own miniskirts and pencil cases. The rest is history. My love for fashion and design just paved my path I guess” says Christine Samir, founder of ByC.

If you have flare for flair, ByC’s luscious capes (that hit right before your knee) pay serious wardrobe dividends: it makes lazy-day looks appear more intentional, and after all what winter coat will have you feeling like a superhero. Whether embellished, like above, or classically solid, they’re just great for pairing with knee boots. Same for the ponchos, they’re just so easy to slip into and perfect to add that extra finish to your look, transforming a casual look into an altogether more high-fashion outfit in seconds.  
With a soft touch of femininity and on-trend elegance ByC’s lace blazer coat is the star of the collection. No, scratch that – we’re too in love with their metallic bomber jackets and heavy cardigans with tribal prints. Using every material in the book, from floral satin to velvet, wool and even furniture fabrics, ByC pieces epitomize unique. “The fabric inspires me, I see fabric and visualise the design. Also, I traveled to Spain and got inspired but I don’t think I realised until I saw the collection in its entirety, I think it was subconscious,” adds Samir.

We're currently lusting after at every price point, ranging from 700 to 1,500 EGP.

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