The skies over New Cairo were ablaze with Cairo Fashion Festival’s 8th edition - between the glamour, the spotlights, and Wadih El Najjar’s shoes, the suburbs never shined so bright.

And jealous as you may be that you missed the festival at Cairo Festival City, calm thy selves because as usual, we have you covered. We sent our finest, dressed in their finest, to attend the event and report back. But they did us one better and managed to get their hands on the best selfies taken at the Oppo Selfie Booth. Relax, this isn’t a crazy hack… everything here is obtained legally and legitimately.  

Now while Oppo calls itself The Selfie Expert, the title is clearly being challenged here by celebrities and fashionistas alike at the Oppo booth. They weren’t kidding around, they weren’t wasting any time, and they took no prisoners. Feast your eyes.

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