Like always, Beyoncé said it best; ‘Who run the world? Girls.’

With more and more of us strong women hell bent on innovating and determined to absolutely kill it every day, we know (in our hearts) that #Girlboss isn’t just a baller hashtag we use after a crushing day at the office; it’s a way of life. And this is exactly the kind of sentiment The Kings Mother, Egyptian blazer brand’s new collection, PARALLEL embodies.

“I always wanted to play with the men’s fabric and feminine tailoring and when I was researching different ways of portraying masculine vs feminine I found that the transition of fashion happened when the role of women started changing as a result of WW1,” says Farida Naguib, founder of The kings Mother.

The King’s Mother’s collection features sleek feminine silhouettes that contrast with menswear fabrics and vice versa; and more masculine blazer figures exhibit more feminine embellishments - be it lace high-neck, ruffled cuffs, lace panels and pleated sleeves. “It's all to show how both feminine and masculine complete and complement one another. We don't have 'men's jobs' and 'women's jobs' anymore; gender roles are being scrutinized and totally bashed,” adds Naguib. For the first time, The King’s Mother is introducing a removable lace vest that can be applied to some of the blazers of the collection, taking practicality and elegance to another level.

Guess who was included in PARALLEL’s shoot? Kickass Lady bosses: Amy Mowafy, CEO of MO4, Okhtein sisters, Aya and Mounaz Abdel Raouf, Giovanina Atieh, founder of Maison Pyramide, Amira Azzouz, founder Fustany and artist Naila Marei who put together Bastirma’s art show. We’re talking about female protagonists who exude confidence and lead by example. “Women have as much of an impact as men do when it comes to developing and running a business. The collection and campaign pay homage to this, to the pioneering women in their fields; the 'girl bosses' as you like to call them,” adds Naguib.

Check out the collection shoot below and their Instagram account here.