If you happen to be hip and fashionable debonair who lives in Egypt, you're screwed. As our local fashion industry booms and Egyptian design talents create unique work everyday, men are more often than not left out. If you're the Entourage/Suits-type, your struggle is realer than most.

Re-imagining formal attire and adding the perfect edgy element to the mix is Egypt's up and coming jewellery brand Gazelle, which just released a stunning collection of neckties with silver tips for a sleek and futuristic look.The collection is part of Gazelle's dazzling Fall and Winter 2017 line, and it kicks off with 6 colours and 3 different designs of the silver add-ons. The most exciting part? All the glittering silver pieces are detachable, which translates to one thing: MIX AND MATCH, BABY!

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