Cairo isn't without its fair share of artisans. New brands pop up whenever you're not looking. But Suhayla Al Sheikh, founder of Sandbox, has gone a step further with her brand this year, dedicating an entire collection of unique pieces to winter.

“It's a cliché but it’s true, as it was getting colder I felt the inner urge to create. I wanted to represent this vibrancy through jewellery. I don’t know why, but all my good ideas come during the winter, I’m just more creative,” tells us Al Sheikh.
The collection goes by the name Winter’s Mirage and includes two rings, an earring and a necklace in the form of snowflake silhouettes. It’s no secret that we’re crazy about geometric jewellery, and this collection is just all about dramatic lines. Bold patterns. Diagonal cut-outs. Forgive the swooning but there’s something so amazingly modern about these mystical talismans. “When you see the collection, you think of the winter but the piece isn’t in your face screaming, I’m a snowflake,” laughs Al Sheikh.

At the base of the snowflake is a laser printed photograph that Al Sheikh personally took herself. “The jewellery incorporates these images that I took over the past two years of places that have very distinct memories for me including Cairo Museum, Fayoum, and Marsa Alam,” adds Al Sheikh.

Check out Sandbox's Instagram account here.