The under-representation of veiled women in fashion has been a long-standing issue. But worry not, modest-fashion lovers, because it looks like modest fashion might just be going mainstream, according to the motto of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council. The Dubai-based council recently helped put on a modest fashion show at the second edition of at Italy's Torino Fashion Week with more than 30 designers, showing that modest fashion is still fashion and should also be celebrated. 

According to Emirates Woman magazine, Muslim shoppers are predicted to spend $484 billion on clothes by 2019. With that in mind, many brands are beginning to adapt and cater to more modest fashion tastes. Dolce & Gabbana recently launched a line for hijabis and niqabis, further-emphasising how fashion is changing to be more diverse and inclusive. 

The IFDC stated, “From instant headwear, silk scarves, fancy gloves, flowing couture gowns, to ethnic shoes and exquisite abayas, dresses, and professional suits, IFDC designers will feature clothing collections ranging from casual everyday wear to the most red-carpet-worthy pieces”, showing that the council has taken fashion to a whole new level of inclusion. 

Check out a snippet from the fashion show below.