You may be sensing a disturbance in the force today, but that's just because it's May 4th and everyone on the internet is unable to resist the powerful temptation of the dark side of puns - May the Fourth be With you. Inspired by the Sci-Fi classic on this annual franchise celebration, we decided to cast our favourite Egyptian celebrities on both sides of the force. Will the Jedis we enlisted bring balance to Egyptian cinema, or will the empire crush the cinema rebellion faster than Death Star crushes planets.

Jyn Karim

General Lebleba

Princess Naglaa

Saw Ramadan

Kylo Abdalla 

Luke Sherifwalker 

Emperor El Sawy 

Luke Sherifwalker ayam el sha2awa 

Kenobi El Gamil 

The Wa7sh Wing

Honourable Mention: Abdel Vader