Let’s get something straight, nobody wakes up like this, not even Beyoncé. We all wake up crushed under the weight of our own thighs, with drool dry around our mouths, gunk in the corners of our eyes, and a hangover manifesting itself all over our faces. As time goes by, this becomes your personal aesthetic, you know, you come to rock the burnt-out-fat-loser-who-can’t-afford-moisturiser look.

Of course, we’re not asking you to give up drinking, develop a skincare routine, or lose weight; after all, it’s our substantial imperfections and fatal flaws that make us beautiful! But why would you go on living knowing that your bad habits, time, and gravity are performing their proverbial dirty work on you when you can hail a cab to Downtown Katameya mall where famed beauty-expert Joelle Mardinian has just launched her flagship beauty clinic in Egypt?

After years of transforming the lives of thousands across the Middle East & North Africa and countless extreme makeovers on her MBC show, the talented beauty expert launched Clinica Joelle to inject a little botox into our otherwise droopy brown lives. With branches in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, and Kuwait, Joelle is finally ready to take on Cairo and all its bad beauty habits.

From extreme makeovers and facelifts to PRP and laser hair removal to butt implants and boob jobs, Clinica Joelle is about to become Egypt’s only source of augmented reality. And, unlike Egypt, Clinica Joelle is a place were members of both sexes have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; you get a hair transplant, she gets a hair transplant, you get your teeth whitened, she gets her teeth whitened. Now that’s gender equality!

But not all the clinic’s services fall in the looks column, the capable medical professionals at Clinica Joelle also perform medical procedures – dermatological, dental, bariatric surgeries, nutrition, and injections for fat removal too.

With a wide range of cosmetic services, both surgical and non-surgical procedures, and an impressive roaster of medical professionals, surgeons, and specialists, Clinica Joelle promises a world where your external locus of identity ceases to be a source of agony. 

You can follow Clinica Joelle on Instagram @Clinica.Joelle.Egypt. 

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