Women make the world go ‘round – a fact that seems to escape so many politicians, lawmakers, and Mad Men writers. Life is hard enough for a woman without the added pressure of having to pay for her own drink, jeez. What does a girl have to do to get some free drinks? Well, our friends at Hakamoro are offering the ladies Cherry Blossom Tuesdays!

In an attempt to undo all the wrong that has been done to Egyptian women over the years, Hakamoro has declared every Tuesday night a ladies’ night, finally giving you the recognition you deserve. While your male counterparts are required to pay an entrance fee, you get to enter the Asian restobar for free! Justice at long last, following years of tampon and pink razor taxes! All you have to do is put those super multitasking powers to good use for once and sit back and enjoy your cocktail as DJ Bibo S spins that stress right out of you!

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