As our favourite nightlife venues shut down for Ramadan, we won’t lie, the withdrawal symptoms have well and truly kicked in. And now that summer has already kicked off and we’re still stuck in the office counting down the days and hours before the weekend, we’re pretty sure now is the time to answer Sahel’s calling. Laying down on a beach until dusk, sipping cocktails by the pool, and letting loose to some good tunes are all things we’d rather be doing. Of course, Sahel’s notorious and most prominent club 6ix Degrees has just revamped its venue in preparation for all of the havoc we’re going to cause on its dance floor! Re-launching its operations on the second day of Eid, the club will be igniting the Sahel coast with the best entertainment and hospitality from 10 PM until 4 AM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with a different theme each night. The first being a White Party where if you’re wearing anything but the colour white, we’ll make sure you have to take it off before you’re let in. It’s for your own good because at the end of the week it’s Friday Heat Night, meaning you’ll already be warmed up to cause a raucous. And every Thursday, the club will bring cool international events and performances starting with Made in Mykonos that will host a special dance performance by the Sugar Babes. Did you really expect anything less from the place that featured Haifa, Hakim, and Fatman Scoop?  To give you the ultimate summer of life, 6ix Degrees gave itself a 360 degree face-lift to include three new entrances -  guests on high tables level three, VIP lounges, or VIP bar will enter from the right side, guests on high tables level one and lounges level two will enter from the middle, and guests of bar and high tables ground floor will enter from the left side. They've also added two exit only gates. Your prayers have been answered, no more chaos of getting in and out (just dance floor chaos).  

Additionally, they have created a more spacious yet private atmosphere while keeping up with their popular cosmopolitan feel. Essentially, the place is going to be split like a mirror with different levels and elevations that all look onto the dance floor. You’ve also got the addition of high tables on the bar level, level one, and level three as well as VIP lounges and regular lounges, all which have a different entrance for efficiency. But they need  to be booked beforehand with a minimum number of guests. Whatever, it’s only the best thing to ever happen to Six Degrees. *inaudible squealing*. 

Check out the video below to get an idea of what we're talking about. 



- Guests on tables MUST show their passes to door selectors, no one will be permitted in without these passes.
- Doors open and 10pm and close 1am sharp.
- Wrist bands are mandatory, any damage to wrist bands will cancel reentry
- Guests at bar will be selected at door even if they are on a guest list (door selectors have the right to refuse entry of any guests even if they are on the bar list)
- Females are allowed to enter alone but males should enter with their own couples.
- Shorts are allowed. Flip flops and any hair cover is not allowed (caps, bandanas ...etc)
- Door selectors have the right to check IDs on any gate and will reject entry of anyone below 21 even if they booked
- Note that entry to 6ix Degrees will be from Hacienda Bay, gate 1 only.

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