Aya Metwalli, the sultry vixen of haunting experimental music, is back with a new single For Priests and Burning Houses, which she released earlier this month. In her Instagram post about the release, the Cairo/Beirut producer, guitarist and vocalist pretty much sums herself up for us:

“New music. Sad music. Link not in bio because it's on my soundcloud and it's 2017 if you want to find something on the Internet you will find it I will not spoonfeed you.”

Metwalli’s off-kilter music and humor are mystifying, and she has the power to at once both confuse you and slap you out of apathetic inertness. Her obvious disregard for conventions and whether or not you approve of her is subliminally alluring; the feline possessed character of Aya Metwalli continues to deepen.Simply said, For Priests and Burning Houses is, in fact, sad. Dissonant and eerie, it initially coaxes you to the edge of a disoriented, depressed sleep somewhere inside a dollhouse, as Aya croons over a creepy organ-sounding melody and white noise synthesizers. Just as you reach this edge, a muddled, swampy beat drops, thrusting you straight into a hallucinatory and cheerless dream. In this dream, you sit with Aya as she surrenders her forlorn thoughts, ghostly and transcendent.

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