Actively putting out quality music for over a decade, Greek producer/DJ Mr. Statik has been one of the key figures of nightlife entertainment in Athens for over ten years. Now based in Berlin, his collaboration with Circus co-founder Dave Aju will soon be published on AWAY Music as the labels fifth release to date with a remix from house legend Matthew Herbert - we got a chance to review the EP.

Showcasing Mr. Statik’s experimental take on house, the first track features an assemblage of stabs, broken beats and joyful mallet instruments all placed beneath Aju’s phenomenal vocals, possessing a clear Depeche Mode influence. Herbert’s Cloudy Dub sees a more exact house approach. Harder kicks and arpeggiated synths package the track with a whole lot more energy than the previous.On the b-side, Morning Star purveys the producer’s dreamy techno side with a 4/4 kick surrounded; atmospherics and dramatic pads round up the track that is made up of a only a few sounds. There is a sense of minimalism with carefully chosen elements. The occasional detuned chord stab paints a dissonant picture, but the bass line is the selling point here taking the track right into the middle of the dance floor.

Mr. Statik masters his synths and creates variations on effects, enabling his tracks to constantly mutate, empowering them in many different dance floor situations. The EP is in our opinion the pinnacle of Mr. Statik's career, a fundamental release that secures the artist's position as one of Greece's most talented producers who was able to breakthrough on an international level with great success.

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