A lot of artists are active on the Lebanese indie scene, none so much as Sandra Arslanian. Through her band Sandmoon, Arslanian formulates a different equation, involving indie-rock, folk, and an electronic infusion that adds a mesmerising other-worldly vibe. She piqued our interest a while back as we scoured the Arab world for the best indie female voices, and we kept an eye out for Arslanian - with good reason.

Sandmoon's video for In The End features footage shot by Arslanian herself amidst anti-government protests in Lebanon, a topic that has been over-looked by most regional and international media. The song itself is reminiscent of 90s rock icon PJ Harvey, a smooth indie rock with that distinct Sandmoon sound. Arslanian, the founder of the band, is a professional visual artist and is the mastermind behind all of the band's work  - watch and listen for yourself below.Follow Sandmoon on Facebook here and check out their Soundcloud for more music.