Laila Elwi, 'the Woman of the Nile', has recently appeared alongside French actress Catherine Héroult, 'Lady of the French Theatre', in a new video by the Ministry of Tourism showcasing some of Egypt’s most beautiful ancient sites in Aswan.

Titled 'Agilkia et la Femme du Nil', the short begins with the camera gracefully flying through a hotel room and out the balcony to show a spectacular shot of the mighty River Nile. It then follows Elwi and Héroult's strolls through the island of Agilkia, the Temple of Isis from Philae, and a boat ride on the sky-blue waters of the Nile, surrounded by lush green countryside.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism produced the video in collaboration with the France-based Cultural Centre of Arab Heritage.

Photo: Enigma