A month after stating that raping women who wear ripped jeans is 'a national duty', the Egyptian controversy-starter Nabih Al-Wahsh has been banned from television for three months. This is, Youm7 reports, as he awaits trial on charges of inciting violence against women.

This comment - which was followed up by the assertion that women are inviting men to harass them if they wear clothes revealing parts of their body - was made on the Infrad Show, hosted by Saeed Hassaseen, the topic of which was the debate surrounding the draft law on fighting prostitution and inciting debauchery. His misogynistic comments have sparked outrage not just in Egypt, but worldwide, as well as astonishment that this man is, in fact, a lawyer.

To add to the shock, in his capacity as a man of the law, Al-Wahsh is supposed to be defending rights and freedoms.