If you fell in love with Life is Hard for Those Who Dream, then prepare to fall even harder with the first of many new singles Shady Ahmed will be releasing soon. Dayra, Shady’s new single, speaks to us on a spiritual level as it tells us about the struggle of constantly chasing things that just aren’t for you. *sigh* Shady, you just get us. And yes, we’re on a first name basis now, since we share the same struggles. 

The rising star shared his plans for the future with CairoScene telling us, "Following up on my song Lessa Fi Kaman with producer Hassan El Shafie, Dayra is a song I've been working on for the last year with my friend and producer Sary Hany from Key66 Productions. We worked on creating, or recreating, an authentic 70s funk sound with a modern twist. The song is the first of many planned for release this year, with the rest of the songs taking on different genres, leaning towards rock 'n' roll and acoustic rock as well". 
Shady Ahmed also added, "I knew the video had to match the feel of the song, so I worked on it with producer Abdelhamid Ismail and editor Maged Kansouh from Air Shutter Studios with myself directing to bring together a retro style to the video."
You're probably wondering what Shady Ahmed has in store for the future. Well, don't worry because the star gave us all the juicy details when he said, "Fans should expect rock shows, like they've never seen before. My new band and I are planning a take over, a revolution of sorts... and we're taking the fans along with us for a ride." And we can't wait to be there front and centre, chanting the night away. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming shows and keep you updated.
Main image by Amir Hedayah